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We help UK businesses, private landlords, charities, local authorities and homeowners to get the most value from their utility and service contracts, and our unique approach sets us apart from our competitors.

At The Carbon Reduction Team, not only do we provide our clients with an exceptional service across a wide array of products, we can also supply and implement no capital outlay energy saving solutions to help reduce your energy consumption and improve the carbon footprint of your business or home!

We have designed own unique approach to energy management, we have combined energy contracts with energy reduction. When you renew your energy contracts using The Carbon Reduction Team, we can supply and install energy efficient equipment within your premises, without you, having to find the cash. We work alongside UK and World leading manufacturers and suppliers to deliver a service that goes beyond the norm!

If you are interested in finding out more about our services, please feel free to drop us an email and we will get back to you soon.

Our ethical approach

We value our clients highly and aim to help their businesses as much as we possibly can. We are also aware of the impact that energy usage can have on the environment - this is why we offer free energy saving solutions and advice to all of our customers. When you switch with The Carbon Reduction Team, not only will your business benefit from competitive energy rates, it will also benefit from energy usage reductions of up to 90% in some instances, and a lower overall carbon footprint.
There is a large amount of commission in the brokerage industry. Brokers are paid large sums of commission to negotiate rates on your behalf. The Carbon Reduction Team use those payments to supply and install energy efficient equipment and maintain it for the duration of your agreement.

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