Work From Home - Fixed Energy Tariff with British Gas

If you work from home full time, are a Sole Trader or do a proportion of your work from home, then we have the perfect energy tariff for you!

We can secure you a very competitive, 3-year fixed energy tariff with British Gas!

With the current uncertainty around the energy market, you can now secure your finances and keep your costs fixed for 3 whole years! The OFGEM energy price cap changes twice per year, and with an estimated 50% increase in the last 6 months, now is the time to fix your energy costs.

If you are interested in securing a long term, fixed rate energy tariff with British Gas, please fill in your details below and one of our experienced energy advisors will contact you and give you a personalised quote.

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Simple Process

Fill out the form and one of our team will call you back to determine eligibility

Save Money

Fix your energy costs for 2 years and avoid the impending price hikes


If you use at least 40% of your energy or work / business and pay your bills you should qualify