UK Businesses

UK Businesses

UK businesses are set to come under pressure to reduce energy consumption quickly. With continuous pressure on the government to reduce carbon emissions, there may be levy’s and taxes introduced which will punish those businesses who do not implement of their own accord. We at, The Carbon Reduction Team, believe any such measures would be unfair and potentially crippling for already struggling businesses without any assistance.

By using our Energy Plus Contracts, we can assist you in reducing your energy consumption, spend and carbon footprint for your business in one simple step.

See below our current products and services:

  • LED Lighting Solutions – Lighting can be one of the biggest costs to a lot of businesses and is generally the best place to start to gain energy reductions and cost. LED lighting can reduce energy save by up to 90% however its safer to say on average you will see around a 60-70% reduction against standard florescent or halogen. We offer tailored solution on all LED products and can offer specialist lighting for any requirements.
  • Heating Solutions – Heating is the most important element in keeping a healthy workplace. The Carbon Reduction Team can offer the most efficient systems which are designed based around your on-site heating and hot water demands. Replacing a Heating system for a business can be a serious expense and costs can vary dramatically also across installation companies. Our solution takes away any capital-outlay so you can heave peace of mind that you can replace any aging systems and save money on your overall energy costs at the same time. We offer a full range of products from gas boilers to renewable heating systems.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is beginning to make an impact in the industry. Older versions of this technology were inefficient and unreliable; however, newer technology is beginning to get industry recognition as a reliable way of cutting energy costs. CHP combines both the generation of thermal heat and electricity by burning a fuel source such as Natural Gas or LPG. There are also biogas versions of CHP on the market which can make this product a very environmentally friendly solution to tackle your carbon emissions.
  • Battery Storage – Battery storage is the growing market within the energy industry. Businesses are realising that generating, storing and then using your own energy when required is by far the most cost-effective way to reduce long term energy spend. As we rely more and more on an aging energy grid the necessity to invest in alternative ways of using our energy is essential.
  • EV Charging Points – In an ever-growing world of electric cars, more and more energy conscience businesses are switching their workforce vehicles to electric only. We can supply and install EV charging points at your business premises with no capital outlay and assist you in gaining fantastic offers on a fleet of electric vehicles from one of our manufacturing partners.

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